Support Services

PC Troubleshooting

We analyze the current situation of the customers. We do research and give professional advice on planning system infrastructure. We ensure a high expandability. To a company that wants to use the same system for a long time, we can ensure fluent and exact management schemes. We provide our customers effective hardware setting consultant partner.

  • Research on internet, system project, design before setting up
  • Wire network construction project
  • Facilities’ renewal of offices, banks or other commercial companies
  • Hardware and software buy in/ maintenance and management support

Corporate with system department in Japan

Exchange opinions between professional technicians allow effective communicate with branches in Japan to integrate the system.

Hardware maintenance service

This is a service for hardware problems like computer and printer malfunction. We can solve problems due to components changes. This service requires a one year contract.

Visiting services from programmers and internet technicians

Experienced programmers and technicians will be sent to your offices. Their terms vary from one day, one week and long term standby to serve you at the best time. You do not need to worry about the long holiday or sudden resignation of the IT staff will affect the system management as you do not need to hire one. You can avoid the trouble of recruitment and training of the IT staff.

Training for local staff

Depends on the facilities and environment, we provide training and technical support to the local staff of the customer after a stable environment is established.

Server Troubleshooting

Computer systems are very important for daily business of companies. ISL understands that system downtime may induce huge financial and non-financial losses to companies. In case of server problems, ISL will deliver timely support to our customers to ensure the service downtime can be minimized significantly. Different service level of server troubleshooting applies depends on the importance and online hours of different systems.

Service charge

  • The consultation fee can be charged on a monthly, hourly or per call basis.
  • Customers have the flexibility to choose among different service plans.

Remote Diagnostics

RDS can deliver instant professional support to your desktop at a much lower cost and requires no special configuration at the user-side. All you have to do is to login our support web site with your credentials, and initiate the request with a few clicks. Our technicians will be up onto the task within seconds.

What can be solved?

  • Email Inbox recovery
  • Respond to system error messages
  • Mail sending and receiving problem, etc.,

System requirement

  • Broadband Internet(above 1.5M)
  • Windows95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
  • MacOS is not supported currently

Advantage of Remote Diagnostic

  • Utilizing the borderless Internet to bring the professional service at your doorsteps. With RDS, you can get support to solve your technical problem instantly.
  • Scalable price plans to fit your company’s needs, which in terms of lower maintenance cost.

On-Site Support

  • Travel time must be accounted for when problem occurs, which lower your staffs’ productivity.
  • Transportation fee and travel time cost will be passing to the customer laterally.