How to Change Transaction Number Format

1) Log in to system.

2) Go to “SETUP-II”.

3) Go to “Voucher Counter”.


4) Change COUNTER format by adjusting the numbers in From/No/By under “RULES” bar. “From” represents the digit position the increment starts, whereas “No” represents which digit(s) will be incremented, and “By” represents the value of increment.

For example, in the picture Quotation's format is SQ0800046, from the 5th digit (0), and the next 5 digits (00046) will be incremented by 1.

5) Click “Save” to confirm.

Note: Similar format change is applicable to the following transaction: Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Packing List, Sales Return, Customer Note, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Purchase Return, Vendor Note, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer. Individual setting is required.
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