How to use a hybrid backup with ISL S3 Plus

This guideline introduce how to use a hybrid backup with ISL S3 Plus 

1. To create backup job, select Create Backup. 

2. To backup your files on the NAS cloud stroage. Select Cloud backup. 

3. Enter the Job Name and select source location. To set schedule, plesse select Schedule. 

4.The schedule can be set in this page. After that click Apply to continue with create backup job.

5. To create the Cloud Storage Space, please select Add Cloud Storage Space. 

6. Select the Amazon S3. Then click Next. 

7. To create a profile before setting up your storage space, please select settings to create a profile. 

8. Please fill in this page. The Service provider is S3 Compatible and uncheck the Enable secure connection(SSL). 

9. After successfully creating the cloud profile, please select a cloud profile from the drop-down list, enter the Storage Name and Bucket name. Then click Apply. 

10. Please select the Backup Destination and enter the folder name. Then click Apply. 

11. The backup job has created successfully. Now you can see the Cloud Jobs detail in this page. 

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