Add Junk Mail Rules in Outlook

This guideline introduces how to create rules in Outlook to block junk emails based on their subject and bodies, and move them to Junk E-mail folder

1.Under  Home tab , Go to Rules > Click on Manage Rules and Alerts

2.Click New Rule

3.Select Apply rule on message I receive , then Click Next

4.Select with specific words in the subject or body  , then click specific words as below 

5.Typing any  filter words you want  , it will be shown in Search list after you clicked Add . Confirmed that and click OK

6.You can see the  filter words if you done added  , then click Next

7. Select  move it to the specified folder  , then click  specified as below 

8. Select Junk E-mail , then click OK

9.You can see the folder name  if you done added  , then click Next

10.Select any exceptions if necessary .Please click Next

11.Turn on this rule ,then click Finish

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